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36 hours on edge: Test drive | Magazine Popular Mechanics

A drug has appeared in USA that restores potency for almost two days. Editorial «Popular Mechanics» tested it out for myself

There are many ways to treat this disorder. For example, injections directly into the penis shortly before sexual activity to increase blood flow to the penis. This radical method is quite effective, but over time, men who practice it against the background of pain in the penis after injections begin to develop a neurotic fear of sexual activity..

There are drugs that are injected into the penis in the form of balls to increase erection. Vacuum therapy has been known since ancient China – the blood is held in the penis with a ring at the base. If all of the above does not help, then only the surgical method remains: a special implant is inserted into the penis, which is inflated with a pear pump when it becomes necessary to have sexual intercourse. Against the backdrop of all these horrors, inhibitor pills look just fantastic. No wonder Time magazine named Cialis the invention of the year..

36 hours

hours edge

By sacrificing several annual subscriptions, we purchased a trial drug from a pharmacy.

There were no problems with the male part of the testers – there were plenty of applicants. True, it was not possible to find a clear impotent – no one confessed. All buy sildenafil citrate online volunteers under the age of 30 were also excluded..

Problems arose with the testers – the girls were scared away by the number 36 hours in the instructions. The entire female part of the editorial staff firmly warned that on the day of testing the drug, she would not go to work out of a sense of her own safety. With great difficulty, but this problem was also solved. The tests were scheduled for the weekend so as not to injure the psyche of the employees. In addition, it is not for nothing that Cialis received the unofficial name Le Weekender in France..

On Monday, a discussion of the experiment took place. The first conclusion was that no one had a continuous 36-hour erection. The second conclusion is that those who had an erection were all right anyway, no miracle happened, the testers did not notice any magical effect. But for those who sometimes had breakdowns, the drug completely buy kamagra 100mg online eliminated them. A pill can really bring back the freshness of a former relationship for the weekend. However, you have to pay for everything – some testers got a little headache in the literal sense of the word – vasodilation in the brain does not just go away. Actually, in the instructions for the drug it is written: “an undesirable event is a headache (11% of cases)”. The testers agreed that a little pain in the head is better than a big one in the the effect of course therapy with sildenafil on the erectile function of men penis. The test subjects did not experience headaches..

Future plans

This topic is inexhaustible, and the editors will continue to acquaint readers with useful medications. We foresee the question – are there such drugs for women? We turned to the experts, and here is their opinion. Women do not have such a clear sign of activity as men: standing – not worth it. Their arousal is a completely mental process. Nevertheless, a kind of Viagra for women has already been developed and is undergoing clinical trials. The first tablets for women should appear approximately in a couple of years. However, in Russia they may cause problems. These drugs clearly fall under USA laws under the definition of psychotropic drugs, with all the ensuing consequences. Sex, gentlemen, is a drug. And what!

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