Vibrating prostate massager their types and how to use them


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Vibroprostate massager: their types and how to use them

What are the benefits of using a prostate vibrating massager, what varieties are there, features of the operation of these devices, warnings cheapest generic viagra and cialis

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In some models of vibratory massagers, thermal and magnetic functions are provided buy generic levitra online. Under their influence, blood circulation in the pelvic organs increases, the process of emptying the bladder is facilitated, secretory function price of generic cialis is stimulated.

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All devices have a timer, so the prostate massage session is easy to control in time.

The procedure gives a man a minimum of discomfort, unlike other devices for prostate massage. Innovative models of massagers are equipped with a control panel and have several modes and speeds of operation..

Mavit and Nexus revo devices are recognized as the best massagers.

Features of the operation of the vibrating buy kamagra online paypal massager

To achieve the maximum effect of massage, you should follow a few rules for using buy generic levitra online the device and performing massage:

before starting buy generic tadalafil the prostate massage procedure, it is recommended to treat that part of the massager that buy sildenafil citrate online enters the body with an antiseptic and put on a condom on top;

treat the anus with a special water-based lubricant (the use of greasy creams and petroleum jelly is excluded, as this spoils cialis generic price the material of the device);

in the supine position, insert the device what is generic cialis at a distance of no more than 7 centimeters;

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select the time massage mode.

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Prostate massage should be started from 4 minutes, gradually increasing the time;

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